Are you moving to THE IMPERIAL VALLEY from another state?

If so, are you planning on buying a house? Then grab a copy of my free Relocation Guide.

Get an inside scoop on issues many relocating buyers don't think through.


HERE'S A PEEK AT WHAT you'll learn:

Is a “relo package” beneficial to you?

Do you have to use the agents a relocation company refers to you? Should you?

How does not having a “relo package” affect you?

When should you start actually looking for your new home?

Does it make sense to rent for a while before you buy a home?

Why do agents avoid telling you where the “good” and “bad” areas are...and what should you do to find out for yourself?

Whose real estate opinions should you ignore?


I’m sure you’ve got your hands full with everything involved in moving out of the area, so time is precious...which is why I kept this guide fairly short. It’s something you can read in one sitting, but it will stick with you from the beginning of the process of finding your new home in this area, all the way to the end.

Whether you’re relocating to this area for a job, or any other reason, this booklet is worth the few minutes it’ll take you to read it. It will save you from making a few common mistakes that can cost you a lot more time (and money) than it’ll take to read.

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