Your No-Fluff Guide To Selling Your Home
What you can expect, from start to finish!

By Nancy Crisco
Your Local Real Estate Expert

Get the best return on your home!

Want to sell your home as quickly as possible and minimize disruption to your life?

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have a look INSIDE.

Learn about each stage of listing and selling your home - understand the 2-step value report and the difference it makes.  

Develop a working relationship with your real estate agent (who should be me).  Lack of trust makes for a troubled sale.

Multiple offers - how do you determine highest and best for you?

Low offers -- negotiate!!  A low offer isn't personal.  Remain calm.

Keep the deal together - where and when do problems usually appear?

Marketing isn’t one-size-fits-all.  Your marketing plan should be tailored to your property's strengths.

Finally!  You're at the closing table...but don't forget these items!

act with purpose...

No need to be skeptical - I promise I won't flood your email with marketing gimmicks or real estate madness.  

Have a look at the book.  If you have questions afterward, my number is in it.  If you think it was a waste of your time, tell me.  Time is money...I don't believe in wasting either!

In less than an hour, you’ll not only know more about the process for selling your home, you'll see the process differently and anticipate the next step.  Request your copy and I'll send you a link for download. 

I wrote it with you in mind!